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Presenting two new SafeLearn Courses
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Presenting two new SafeLearn Courses

We are very pleased to announce the addition of two new SafeLearn courses, specifically the courses “Mastering Daily Navigation” and “Yacht Chef: The Essentials”.

Both courses are a valuable addition to the product line, enriching the selection of maritime-specific e-learning material and offering high-quality comprehensive knowledge to our seafarers.

Visit SafeLearn and find out more details in regards to the research, overview and characteristics of the new course “Mastering Daily Navigation”, serving as a refresher tool for the primary navigation-related knowledge the officer needs to know when onboard a vessel. We will be introducing more detailed information on our second course “Yacht Chef: The Essentials”, which “serves” the catering business onboard, addressing specifically the chef who is working onboard a yacht and needs to know basic fundamentals of HACCP rules, managing food budgets, dealing with galley accounts and more.

Both courses are available on the safebridge online shop here