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Presenting Safebridge’s revised course: German Shipping Law
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Presenting Safebridge’s revised course: German Shipping Law

Safebridge announces the r of a new training course, “German Shipping Law”.

This course was created to revise and replace Safebridge’s existing distance learning course and to offer an e-learning alternative to ship officers, to acquire the knowledge and certification with regards to the German Maritime Law, as deemed necessary by the national regulations.

The course is suitable for non-German management level officers (chief mates, chief engineers, second engineers), who are on board ships flying the German flag.

“German Shipping Law” features video tutorials, glossary, test and certification, providing complete high-quality training and examination experience to the end-user.

Fully Compliant & Authorised by BSH and BMVI

Safebridge GmbH is authorised by the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) and by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI), to provide approved training and qualifying examinations for German Maritime Law as per § 21/2 of the Ships Officers’ Training Regulations.

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This new online course has been produced by Safebridge and is part of Safebridge’s Training Hub, the online place featuring various types of e-learning courses, suitable for professional mariners and recreational sailors.