ECDIS Training for Maritime Pilots @Brazil - Safebridge
ECDIS Training for Maritime Pilots @Brazil
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ECDIS Training for Maritime Pilots @Brazil

The 42nd National Pilotage Meeting is taking place in Brazil and we are presenting our ECDIS Training, specifically developed for Maritime Pilots. The event is organised by CONAPRA, the Brazilian Maritime Pilots’ Association, from the 27th – 30th of November, 2018.

Safety issues

The pilots’ role for an efficient passage in and out of a port is vital, in order to ensure safety and prevent any accidents. This is not a solo effort, instead it is all about teamwork, since the pilot is responsible for the coordination of services, in order to bring the ship successfully alongside. The proper training of maritime pilots is consequently a major issue, also for the establishment of good communication between the members of the bridge team.

ECDIS Training for Maritime Pilots, by Safebridge

Safebridge has developed this course, specifically addressed to pilots operating the onboard ECDIS equipment, covering generic ECDIS training and type-specific modules for various manufacturers.

Pilots are in a different situation from ships’ bridge crews when it comes to operating ECDIS. They do not manage the system files or input and update data; therefore, not all subjects covered in the IMO Model Course and Type Specific Training (TST) are directly relevant to a pilot’s job.

“ECDIS Training for Maritime Pilots” covers both generic topics and type-specific familiarisation that specifically addresses pilots’ needs.