Courses - Safebridge
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<mark>SafeMetrix</mark> Personal Development Package
SafeMetrix Personal Development Package
<mark>Seafarer</mark> Growth Package
Seafarer Growth Package
<mark>ECDIS</mark> Type-Specific Training Package
ECDIS Type-Specific Training Package
<mark>COVID-19</mark> Precautions for the Maritime Industry
COVID-19 Precautions for the Maritime Industry
<mark>Achievement</mark> Drive
Achievement Drive
<mark>Assertive</mark> Communication Skills
Assertive Communication Skills
<mark>Listening</mark> Skills and Understanding Others
Listening Skills and Understanding Others
<mark>Impulse Control</mark> and Anger Management
Impulse Control and Anger Management
<mark>Introduction</mark> to PortCDM
Introduction to PortCDM
<mark>ε-ORB </mark>maritime software
ε-ORB maritime software
<mark>Radar Basics:</mark> Integrated Bridge
Radar Basics: Integrated Bridge
<mark>Radar Basics:</mark> Collision Avoidance
Radar Basics: Collision Avoidance
<mark>Radar Basics</mark> Navigation and Watchkeeping
Radar Basics Navigation and Watchkeeping
<mark>Radar Basics</mark> Technical Background
Radar Basics Technical Background
<mark>MET-CSS:</mark> Cognitive Skills for Seafarers
MET-CSS: Cognitive Skills for Seafarers
<mark>MET-3S:</mark> Soft Skills for Seafarers
MET-3S: Soft Skills for Seafarers
<mark>Cognitive Skills</mark> Seafarer Spatial Orientation Training
Cognitive Skills Seafarer Spatial Orientation Training
<mark>Cognitive Skills</mark> Seafarer Visualization Training
Cognitive Skills Seafarer Visualization Training
<mark>Cognitive Skills</mark> Seafarer Memorization Training
Cognitive Skills Seafarer Memorization Training
<mark>Cognitive Skills</mark> Seafarer Information Ordering Training
Cognitive Skills Seafarer Information Ordering Training
<mark>Cognitive Skills</mark> Seafarer Problem Sensitivity Training
Cognitive Skills Seafarer Problem Sensitivity Training
<mark>Interpersonal Skills</mark> Seafarer Social Skills Training
Interpersonal Skills Seafarer Social Skills Training
<mark>Interpersonal Skills</mark> Seafarer Negotiation Training
Interpersonal Skills Seafarer Negotiation Training
<mark>Interpersonal Skills</mark> Seafarer Assertiveness Training
Interpersonal Skills Seafarer Assertiveness Training
<mark>Coping Under Pressure</mark> Seafarer Coordination Training
Coping Under Pressure Seafarer Coordination Training
<mark>Coping Under Pressure</mark> Seafarer Self-Control Training
Coping Under Pressure Seafarer Self-Control Training
<mark>Coping Under Pressure</mark> Seafarer Decision-Making Training
Coping Under Pressure Seafarer Decision-Making Training
<mark>Coping Under Pressure</mark> Seafarer Perseverance Training
Coping Under Pressure Seafarer Perseverance Training
<mark>Coping Under Pressure</mark> Seafarer Resilience Training
Coping Under Pressure Seafarer Resilience Training
<mark>Self-Management</mark> Seafarer Openness to Experience Training
Self-Management Seafarer Openness to Experience Training
<mark>Self-Management</mark> Seafarer Flexibility Training
Self-Management Seafarer Flexibility Training
<mark>Self-Management</mark> Seafarer Dependability Training
Self-Management Seafarer Dependability Training
<mark>Self-Management</mark> Seafarer Self-Sufficiency Training
Self-Management Seafarer Self-Sufficiency Training
<mark>Self-Management</mark> Seafarer Achievement Striving Training
Self-Management Seafarer Achievement Striving Training
<mark>Yacht Chef</mark> Mastering Guest Preferences
Yacht Chef Mastering Guest Preferences
<mark>Yacht Chef</mark> The Essentials
Yacht Chef The Essentials
<mark>Safe Navigation</mark> in Confined Waters
Safe Navigation in Confined Waters
<mark>Mastering</mark> Daily Navigation
Mastering Daily Navigation
<mark>LOWRANCE</mark> HDS
<mark>UK</mark> UKLAP Grade 2
UK UKLAP Grade 2
<mark>German</mark> Shipping Law
German Shipping Law
<mark>JRC</mark> JAN 901B/701B/2000
JRC JAN 901B/701B/2000
<mark>JRC</mark> JAN 9201/7201
JRC JAN 9201/7201
<mark>Tokyo Keiki</mark> EC-8100/8600
Tokyo Keiki EC-8100/8600
<mark>Wartsila</mark> Navi-Sailor 4000 by Transas
Wartsila Navi-Sailor 4000 by Transas
<mark>SIMRAD</mark> Maris ECDIS900
<mark>SIMRAD</mark> E5024
<mark>Kelvin Hughes</mark> Manta Digital
Kelvin Hughes Manta Digital
<mark>SIMRAD</mark> NSO Evo 2
<mark>SIMRAD</mark> NSS Evo 2
<mark>B&G</mark> Zeus 2
B&G Zeus 2
<mark>B&G</mark> Vulcan
B&G Vulcan
<mark>Martek</mark> Marine iECDIS
Martek Marine iECDIS
<mark>IMTECH</mark> SeaGuide
<mark>ChartWorld</mark> ChartBrowser
ChartWorld ChartBrowser
<mark>ChartWorld</mark> eGlobe G2
ChartWorld eGlobe G2
<mark>Consilium</mark> Selesmar ECDIS
Consilium Selesmar ECDIS
<mark>Consilium</mark> ECDIS G2
Consilium ECDIS G2
<mark>Raytheon Anschütz</mark> Synapsis ECDIS
Raytheon Anschütz Synapsis ECDIS
<mark>NG Sperry Marine</mark> VisionMaster
NG Sperry Marine VisionMaster
<mark>Raytheon Anschütz</mark> Synapsis ECDIS NX
Raytheon Anschütz Synapsis ECDIS NX
<mark>ECDIS</mark> for Maritime Pilots
ECDIS for Maritime Pilots
<mark>ECDIS</mark> Basics
ECDIS Basics
<mark>Wärtsilä SAM</mark> CHARTPILOT
<mark>Wärtsilä SAM</mark> ECDISPILOT Platinum
Wärtsilä SAM ECDISPILOT Platinum