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SafeMetrix training courses  <mark>support seafarer development</mark>
SafeMetrix becomes a holistic solution with <mark>new training courses</mark>
SafeMetrix Lite reports help <mark>save time on recruitment</mark>
<mark>Psychometric assessments</mark> ensure on board safety
<mark>ON-DEMAND EVENT</mark> – Upskilling Your Crew: When Complete Solutions Matter
<mark>Openness to Experience:</mark> a Soft Skill for a Successful Career at Sea
<mark>Coping Under Pressure</mark> in a Maritime Environment
<mark>ON-DEMAND EVENT</mark> – Continuous Development of Seafarer Soft & Cognitive Skills
Valentinos Steliou: Leadership is a Combination of Traits and Skills
Enhance Crewing Decisions With Competency-Based Interviews for Seafarers