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CAT – Competence Assessment Tool

CAT Competence Assessment Tool - title


CAT – Competence Assessment Tool helps companies to build high performance teams onboard and address their compliance challenges by employing, training and promoting the right people for the right roles. It offers a portfolio of competence assessments that measures key performance indicators and provides actionable reports on individual and company level via a single unified online platform.

The entire process is streamlined for both the company and the assessed individuals. Companies are able to assign thousands of tests with one single click and be in full control of the assessment process by tracking available, assigned and completed assessments, as well as reviewing and exporting individual and company performance results via a single unified online platform. Individuals can take the assessment anywhere, anytime, from any device.

Comprehensive answer to the industry demands: CAT is supported by robust reliability and validity evidence. The test has excellent psychometric properties and the scoring is based on a norming sample with variable background to reflect the diversity of seafarers’ population. CAT has been developed in partnership with the industry to address the state-of-the-art approach to crewing. It covers competences that are critical for ensuring the efficiency and safety of the shipping operations and compliance with existing regulations. The provided results allow performance assessment and comparisons on company and industry level with customizable parameters. Companies are able to set their own passing scores, compare the performance of the assessed individuals to the industry or develop their own norm base. Thus, the reports provide insight into the existing competence gaps, taking into consideration each company specific objectives, optimizing the selection, training and promotion processes.

Product portfolio

Currently CAT consists of the soft-skills test (CAT-3S) to assess the non-technical skills of crew members. The cognitive skills test (CAT-CSS) to assess the key cognitive functions is already under development.

CAT-CSS (Cognitive Skills for Seafarers)CAT-CSS seeks to measure the cognitive skills of the crews onboard. The assessment constitutes of a series of tests addressing the key cognitive functions that underlay the successful performance onboard: how the surrounding environment is perceived, processed and acted upon.

Each test result provides information about:

Performance speed


Choice behaviour

CAT-CSS is especially suited for selecting individuals with high potential to acquire job knowledge, to benefit from training and to perform well in a complex work environment.

CAT-3S (Soft Skills for Seafarers)

CAT-3S offers insights into the non-technical “soft skills” of officers onboard. The assessment covers three clusters of skills identified to be critical for performance onboard:

Coping under pressure

Interpersonal skills


Additionally, it conducts an attitude check and informs on the hazardous attitudes and the social desirability tendencies of the assessed individuals. CAT-3S is particularly suitable for screening employees on a large scale to establish competence gaps and overall pattern of performance within the company. It can also be used to assess individuals to establish if their competences are at the level desired by the company for recruitment and career development.


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