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SafeLearn Maritime Training
Our courses are hosted on a web-based LMS and are fully accessible online 24/7 from any location
Our maritime training courses are fully accredited and in line with regulatory requirements and/or carry the full manufacturer approvals
E-learning offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional classroom-based training
Our excellent customer support team is available to assist you with any course-related matters
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Make better data-driven crewing decisions through online-based Psychometric Assessments for Seafarers.

Our soft and cognitive skills SafeMetrix assessments allow you to confidently make data-driven recruitment, promotion and development decisions that enhance safety and crew efficiency.

Our psychometric assessments are rank specific and specifically tailored to the maritime-industry. . They have been created using data from full job analysis to identify the soft and cognitive skills required for each role on board.
Safety is improved by appointing people with soft and cognitive skills relevant to their role. Psychometric assessments are key to improving safety at sea by reducing human error in safety-critical scenarios.
Reports are generated following the completion of each assessment. These insights into performance - and how the individual measures against the industry norm – allow for qualified decisions on promotion, development and recruitment.
As well as highlighting strengths, the report identifies skills on a training matrix that individual crew need to further enhance performance. This, together with our range of soft skills training courses, strengthens career development plans.

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