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What are the minimum system requirements?



Graphic Card



Other Periphery


Operating System

Dual Core CPU with 2,5 GHz

3 GB

Direct X compatible

Speakers or Headphones

Optimal with 1650x1050 px on 22'' display

Three-button mouse

2 Mbits/second minimum

Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10

+ "Latest Windows Updates"
+ ".NET Framework 4.6"
+ "RDC Client 7.0"
+ "Windows Media Player 11+"
+ "VC++ update3+"














What if I have less the 2Mbit/ second bandwidth?

The refresh rate of the nautical charts will be slow and the user must wait until the complete chart has been refreshed before proceeding.


Is webcam capability required?

Only if you choose Webcam Authentication as your preferred form of verification for the final exam.


Do I have to download the Safebridge Client again If I work on a different computer?

Yes, you have to download it again. Please find the Client software, the manual and the installation guide here...


Can I use mobile internet for training?

It is possible. Please note however, that the connection via mobile internet is highly unstable.

Is it possible to train on board whilst at sea?

Yes it is possible to train on board. Please be aware that the computer on board still has to match the system requirements.
Especially the available internet connection could be an issue, which might cause high latencies. This might cause the training course to run slowly.


Other Topics



Training duration


Course structure


Manufacturer approved


Generic training


IMO and Flag state compliance

Port state control

Final Test

Data protection

Certificate content





Whom should I contact, if I have any further questions?

Please, do not hesitate to contact our Support department for any queries regarding our online simulation training courses. Please also refer to our Contact for further contact methods.

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