About Safebridge

A contemporary and committed company founded in 2009, Safebridge’s vision is to provide accurate, effective training for seafarers that is cost efficient and accessible.

The Safebridge mission is to find the best and most practical methods of delivery to fulfill this vision in these challenging times.

The Safebridge training philosophy is simple: the best way to learn is by doing (implicit learning).

The fundamental need for cost efficient and accessible training was identified by the ‘Safebridge’ project under the European Commission’s Leonardo da Vinci Programme, which is part of its Lifelong Learning Initiative. The company Safebridge evolved from this programme.

The Safebridge team today combines years of maritime experience with a passion to deliver the best in modern, practical, training that benefits the individual seafarer, the shipping company and, ultimately, the entire maritime industry. It has now built a world class, online, educational environment, developing its own unique instructional enhancement training system, and has established relationships with the many manufacturers of on board specialised electronic equipment.

The result is that we are now able to offer genuine system simulation to seafarers, online, via the internet. This gives seafarers the possibility of learning about and familiarisation with different systems by practicing real-life scenarios in a guided learning environment.

This means they possess sound skills from the moment they board ship and are prepared for the bridge.

Safebridge also offers the unique relationship advantage of sister company MSG, specialists of both individual and company training for classroom and on board equipment training, so together we can build the most flexible and cost-effective training for seafarers, wherever they are in the world.