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Step-by-Step Installation Guide for the Safebridge Client

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Double click on “InstructorApp.application”

"Launching Application"

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Confirm Installation by clicking “Install”

"Installing Safebridge Training Client"

The Safebridge Training Client is being installed.

The Safebridge Training Client 1.5 will automatically be updated to the most recent version.

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The Safebridge Client has been successfully installed.

You may now log in by entering the Username and Password provided in the course booking confirmation e-mail.

Choose Your Course

All training courses that are assigned to your account are displayed.

Select a course from the list and click on “Enter”.

Desktop Symbol

Next time you can start the client directly by clicking the icon on your desktop.



If you experience difficulties with the Safebridge software or system, please go to the FAQs on our website at

If this does not resolve the problem, please send an e-mail to:


Note to system administrators:

HTTP/HTTPS Ports 80 / 443 should be open

On Computers running Windows XP RDC 7.0 Client is usually not present and can be installed here:

On Computers running Windows XP SP3 or later Microsoft .NET 4 client profile should already be installed on the computer.
If it is not present anyway it can be installed from the Microsoft website:

Please make sure that you are using the most recent version of the Windows Media Player. Our training platform requires at least version 11 to function properly.
If your Windows Media Player is not up-to-date or corrupted, you may download it at
Please be aware that you might need to start it once, after you have updated it, for the update to be completed.

If you are using a Proxy-Server the settings can be made after clicking on “Preferences” in the Login screen: