To conduct the ECDIS online training course, the Safebridge Client Software needs to be downloaded and installed.

Please feel free to download:

If necessary:

System Requirements:


Graphic Card




Operating System

2 GB

Direct X compatible

Speakers or Headphones

Optimal with 1650x1050 px on 22'' display

2 Mbits/second minimum

Windows Vista / 7 / 8

+ ".NET Framework 4"
+ "RDC Client 7.0"
+ "Windows Media Player 11+"
+ "VC++ update3+"

Please be aware that Microsoft has stopped supporting the Windows XP Operating System on the 08th April 2014.
Therefore we can no longer guarantee our training platform to function properly on systems running Windows XP and offer no further support on this Operating System.
However, you could be able to use it on systems operating Windows XP with Service Pack 3.